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Triangle Dental Institute


The Triangle Dental Institute provides training for dentists all over the country on how to place and restore dental implants. We deliver the gold standard in implant training: a comprehensive course of study combined with live clinical experiences.


Since 2007, our program has been providing what our students describe as a career-changing professional experience. We know of no other course that offers all the crucial elements and flexibility necessary to best prepare dentists for the successful placement of dental implants.

The Dental Implant Continuum consists of seven three-day sessions spread over seven months to provide participants ample opportunity to learn and apply new techniques. Implant dentistry is not learned in a weekend or a week. It is an evolution of your skills that you hone during a serious course of study.


Live surgeries are presented at each Friday session, followed by discussion of the science and techniques that inform the surgeries.

Lectures by the world's premier implant educators are delivered during Saturday and Sunday sessions to reinforce the concepts presented in the live surgeries. Through case presentations in a group participation atmosphere, we teach surgical implant placement and associated bone and tissue grafting techniques with the goal of redefining effective treatment planning.

Participants spend twenty-plus hours in hands-on workshops to develop these skills on dental models and pig jaws.


Participants then develop actual cases from their own practices, beginning with diagnosis and treatment planning, proceeding through surgical guide fabrication and 3-D analysis, and culminating in implant placement through mentored surgery.

Visit the Triangle Dental Institute website or send us an email to learn more.

Latest News:

The 2021 Dental Implant Continuum

Registration for the Triangle Dental Institute's 2021 Dental Implant Continuum is now open!

Click here to learn more.

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